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BEWARE. MAURIELLE’S FAKE “REVIEW” SITE. AKA LuxuryTastic and Designer Discreet

Maurielle’s “Reviews” Site is just another fake site like the PurseQueen. Both the PurseQueen and Maurielle’s “Review” Sites are created by Designer Discreet Also LuxuryTastic (a replica site that has vanished from the search results).

Since it has struggled to appear in the search results, Designer Discreet (alsoLuxuryTastic) has been striving to attempt to discredit legitimate replica sites, such as we at AAA Handbags, and portray them as thieves through their Fake “Review” sites, such as the PurseQueen and the one depicted below, in order to divert traffic. We have had hundreds of clients attempt to post positive testimonials from their experience here with us at AAA Handbags, but no luck. Why? Because both Fake “Review” sites filter testimonials and only accept those that are in their benefit, demonstrating an incredibly biased representation of the true population of replica buyers in this market.

In other words, you are being fooled, fooled with Fake “Reviews” by a one-man show, a single vendor trying to discredit the company that introduced the replica market to the online world itself: AAA Handbags (AAA Replicas).

We’ve been in business for the past 15 years, while they, Designer Discreet, followed by a vast array of other sites, have spontaneously erupted within the past 4 years, trying to gain some ground in a market which we have cemented ourselves as the pioneers: the replica market.

This is just another act of desperation by Designer Discreet, another drowning kick in their endless abyss. Designer Discreet is a site with an inferior quality, higher prices, less than 4 years of experience in this market. Characterized by their need of plenty of resources, connections, and time to gain some ground in this market, it appears that won’t be happening anytime soon. Don’t be fooled by their malice, by their greed; only envy discredits, while honesty, both in service and in quality assurance, reigns Supreme.




Nothing but Fake, filtered reviews.